Positive And Caring

As a dad of two amazing daughters, he truly cares about every child and building a brighter future for them. He is passionate about ensuring every child believes in themselves. He is always positive and delivers lessons full of praise, fun, joy and lots of laughter!

Primary Mastery 
Maths Specialist

As a specialist in his field, Matt knows how to ensure deep and long term growth in mathematical knowledge, mindset and confidence. Learning is defined as a change in the long term working memory. The only way to achieve that, Matt believes, is to teach in a mastery maths way and by using the Growth Model (Lugalia et. al 2013)

Growth Mindset

He is a huge believer in the power of a Growth Mindset and the power of YET! Children will say, 'I can't do it - YET!' No maths is impossible; you just need to believe that you can change and so can your brain. Mistakes are opportunities to grow not fail!

Every Child Has A Future With Maths

Maths is proven to unlock greater employment potential. Matt believes that empowering families and young children to believe they can use maths as part of their future, is key to changing a child's feelings towards the subject before secondary school.

Family And Community Minded

Families are powerful and Matt believes in helping them enjoy maths alongside their children. Matt wants his lessons and content to feel like a family getting together every week. 


He would love for you to join us.
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