“A Maths Anxious Person Has Negative Thoughts About Maths Linked To The Consequences Of Failure”

Ramirez et al. 2018
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So what is it?

When children are put in a stressful situation, it can cause a block in working memory, according to Jo Boaler, a Professor of Mathematics Education at the Stanford Graduate School of Education.

There are two types of maths anxious person. Which one fits your child's description?

  1. The maths anxious person that just can't think what to do; it feels like they cannot do the task due to maths anxiety affecting the working memory.
  2. The maths anxious person who has negative thoughts about maths linked to the consequences of failure.

    According to research from Ramirez et al. 2018.
Do you get stressed? Avoid maths? Speak negatively about it? Start to panic at even the mention of the word?

Sadly, all of these cause slower task completion and increased errors due to the changes in the brain and working memory resources. Maths relies a lot on these such as times tables facts and number fluency, hence why we are including those in our offer. A large area of maths mastery is the mathematical connections between areas of maths and this will be not as efficient when faced with feelings of anxiety.
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It Affects Both Adults And Children.

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Nearly all adults and children will experience it at some stage in their lives according to Dr Thomas Hunt of the University of Derby; although girls and women are more commonly affected. This is backed up by many other pieces of research in this field. Hence why we started on this journey.

Maths Anxiety Is Not Linked To Intelligence. 

What Are We Doing To Solve This?

So, you can now see why now we are so passionate about this area of education. Why we have chosen to have no timed tests. Why our learning focuses on wellbeing and joy. Why we use research to underpin every action we take. We care deeply about making a difference.
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Our learning environment will

  • have no timed tests
  • focus on wellbeing and joy
  • facilitate learning that develops long term, sustainable improvement
  • offers both a times tables and number facts package
  • provide a sense of achievement along their journey
  • develop a growth mindset and positive language for adults and children
  • provide parent workshops
  • have a collaborative community aligned on our vision and values

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