Why Did We Start Solved?

Sadly, due to the pandemic, children nationally are struggling in maths once again. According to research, maths anxiety, lack of confidence and gaps in learning have become prevalent once again. Some children are even 20% behind where they should be.

1-1 tutoring services have taken advantage of this and are charging weekly amounts that are not accessible to all. There is no community, as every child has a different tutor with different knowledge often selected by a tutoring service not by you. Parents are also not at the centre of this journey.

Apps have also become the norm. Screen time increased often without live lessons or videos explaining the learning to support those at home. Parents we have spoken to, tell us that they have to spend time explaining and helping; they feel that they don't have the skills necessary to do this. Wider research makes bold claims about these systems being made without understanding cultural systems. They forget about the humans!
This is where Solved will make the difference.

Our Values.

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We want every child to believe in themselves and feel equal to their peers. We will strive to reduce historical and current social imbalances and inequalities. Where a problem is identified, it will be our mission to Solve it. We also want every family to be able to access our lessons and join our community.
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Wellbeing & Joy.

We want every child to enjoy learning and feel a sense of achievement. Joy, fun and excitement will be in every lesson and taking quizzes will not be pressured and children will gain a sense of achievement by receiving certificates.
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Deep, sustained learning will be achieved through using current research and Matt's skills and expertise. We will track progress and make changes based on data we receive. We also want the families to learn alongside their child will offer opportunities and resources to do this.
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We will bring children and families together who share our values. When people across the UK come together around a shared understanding it creates a powerful force for good.

Our Mission.

Provide A World Class Digital LearningTool That Empowers Primary School Children To Overcome Fear And AnxietyAround Maths With A Confident, Joyful And Positive Mindset. 

Start the adventure today.

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