The Way Schools
Deliver Maths Intervention And


Intervention and homework strategies with a teacher to support the children every step of the way.

  • Lessons modelled
  • Follow up quiz
  • Family support

Children and Families Will Love Maths

Bringing Fun and Joy To Every Lesson

Teacher Led

Matt, our Tutor, is a mastery maths expert and dedicated to closing the attainment gaps faced by children nationally. He is also still teaching which keeps him at the cutting edge of education.

Built On Research

Maths confidence is a huge factor in stopping children from reaching their potential. Research shows that a growth mindset and getting children to love maths is key to long term learning.

Learn At Your Pace

With modelled recorded lessons, it gives you flexibility with how and when you and your families want children to learn. The videos are designed in an 'I Do, We Do' structure to allow it to be completed without adult support.

Family Support

We ensure that families and other adults are supported with family sessions and email support. This gives the adults the knowledge to further encourage and support their children. We also discuss maths anxiety and how to reduce this.

What Makes Solved Unique?

From working in schools, talking to many school leaders and by using a variety of online products and apps, it was clear that something new needed to be built. It had allow schools to support families and children more effectively. Too many times have we heard a child say 'but where did I go wrong?' or hear families say 'I have to teach them at home but I do not know how to.'

Solved brings a brand new app experience with linked online quizzes but delivers these alongside high quality recorded lessons in order to teach the children without the need for adult intervention. This will free up adults to be used elsewhere which currently is so important and give families the support at home.

Our feedback has been excellent. The lessons are fun and engaging with each one supported by high quality modelling in an I do, we do, you do structure. We also provide family support after every session so they feel included and understand the maths alongside their children.

Solved built this from a school's perspective. We understand how tough it is in schools as you try to manage staff, budgets and day to day teaching and learning.  We hope that our service will help to improve the running of schools to therefore help deliver the very best education for your children. Feedback also helps us grow and adapt alongside you, so should there be any ideas please let us know.

Schools Pricing

Intervention and Homework Package

This will be worked out on a yearly basis of £7 per child per year.   

This will get each Y2 - Y9 child access to the recorded lessons with a follow up quiz and certificate. We have also built in number fluency and time tables practice. We also cover all the family support with advice and guidance at every step so schools do not need to worry.

Trust Level Packages

Homework and intervention packages for £6 per child per year: 5 schools or more.

This will give you the Intervention and Homework Package but at a lower cost to further save schools money during a difficult time for trust budgets.

What our families say:

My daughter thinks Matt is funny and is really engaging with the content. I have noticed her confidence improve already. She now comes home from school saying she has completed two pages of work when normally she would have worked herself up and given up.
Pleased to say my son has never once complained about joining the Solved sessions, which is a real credit to Matt. As a dyscalculic kid, getting him to engage with maths was always a real struggle, so it's great to see him not resist Solved!
My son said he found Matt really funny and helpful. The energy at the start and throughout gets the kids onboard and we really appreciate the 'It's okay to make mistakes' sentiment.
Loving the lessons. I have my little girl back!
I fully recommend Solved. My son now asks to do MORE maths when before he would avoid it. Quick replies and support on emails too.
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